Supplies are in short due to recent weather in Texas, leaving communities without drinking water. We got notice of this from one of our partners, Living Spaces, and were able to deliver water within a day’s notice from California to Texas.

The notice came into New Legend Inc. at 8:15 pm, February 18, 2021. Andy Tinoco of Living Spaces-Perris Transportation and John Barbasetti di Prun, Director of Living Spaces’ Supply Capacity, communicated to New Legend Inc., the shortage of water needing to be fulfilled from Perris, CA to their locations in Pflugerville, Texas (NE of Austin) and Grand View, Texas (West of Dallas). Through tight communication, in a small window of time, New Legend Inc. and Living Spaces, partnered to ensure the delivery of the shipment of water made it to the destinations in a timely manner.

“Some things can happen overnight, but it is how we are able to quickly pivot in response to the needs of our partners; how our driver’s and office staff go above and beyond to make things happen. Our team delivers value with collaboration of our partners to make sure we achieve our goals in providing the services our clients need.” – Robert Moffit, Executive Vice President and Director of Operations