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Legend Transportation provides tailored solutions to meet the unique needs of your company and your industry. By trusting us to handle your transportation, you can reap the benefits of a private fleet without the many complexities that come with it.

Let us manage all aspects of the operation including cost, regulations compliance, service execution and more so you can concentrate on your core business. We work with clients of all sizes, so our scalable solutions will increase the efficiency and flexibility of your distribution network while delivering award-winning service.


We Understand Your Industry!


Legend Transportation offers a wide range of expedited team capacity solutions to fit your needs. With multiple tractor and trailer options, we can maximize cube and weight to ensure the highest value to our customers.

With a 99% acceptance rate of next-day freight, we can handle your Expedited (time-sensitive) capacity needs.

Our equipment is 100% compliant with all environmental regulations including California Air Resources Board Requirements.

High Cube

Do You Want to Lower Your Transportation Cost?

Is your supply chain team able to design loads with more of your product on board?

High Cube trailers are beneficial across various industries shipping retail products, paper products, building products, pallets, and packaging materials.

The High Cube Difference

Legend Transportation’s High cube truck trailers provide greater loading capacity and tremendous saving to customers. Legend Transportation offers High Cube trailers in the Western 11 States where 50% of the van capacity is High Cube.

High cube trailers can handle over 8% more cargo than standard trailers. This additional capacity adds up quick; it would take twelve conventional trailers to handle the same volume of cargo that just eleven high cube trailers provide.

Truckload Asset

Legend Transportation is committed to providing cutting-edge solutions behind the strength of its 25-years experience in transporting assets from manufacturers in a wide variety of industries. Our combination of stability and service has allowed us the ability to develop many long-term, service-oriented relationships with our diverse blend of customers, more than 25% of whom are Fortune 100 companies.


Benefits of Legend Transportation Service Include:

  • State-of-the-art equipment and technology
  • Team Support Service
  • Terminal Locations/maintenance presence
  • Dedication to safety and training

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