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We had an independent third-party survey our drivers to find out how they felt about working for Legend. Here’s what they found out:

Legend Transportation provides you with the miles, equipment, and pay of a mega carrier while treating you like a person.

As one driver put it, “You’ll be treated in a manner you’d want to be treated”. Legend backs up their word with top notch equipment, safety standards, and miles. Become a Legend and you’ll stay rolling.


Always rolling.

At the end of the day, you want to get paid. When we asked what people liked best about working with Legend, without hesitation, everyone said they pay me well.

Mike put it to us straight, “Legend understands where the money comes from. They get paid when I get paid.” To do that, the team at Legend does as much as it can to keep you rolling. That includes top of the line equipment, minimal downtime at shippers and receivers, and quick repairs.

“Everything about Legend is good. The miles are good and the pay is good.” – Bobbie
Mike said he averages over 3,000 miles a week and in his 30 year career no one has done a better job of keeping him on the road.


When you call, they answer.

Everyone we talked to spoke incredibly highly of the Driver Managers. They all get to know your name and do their best to work with you. Bobbie told us that “the dispatcher knows your name. I’ve worked with Sunny and he’s a very good man.”

And that quality of communication with drivers comes through in every aspect of the company. Latichia said, “Communication is way better than the previous companies I’ve worked at. Any time I call about a truck or weather, they get it taken care of right away. Every time I call, someone answers. No need to call back.”

“Driving with Legend Transportation makes me feel needed and appreciated.” – Mike
Even the owner of the company takes the time to listen and understand what drivers need. Mike has had personal conversations with the owner on several occasions and told us, “the owner asks what they can do better. He gets that drivers are the eyes and ears of the company.”

Even the customers appreciate your good work. Bobbie told me about a time she “got a standing ovation for bringing a load of toilet paper to Costco when everything hit the fan with covid.”


“The team at Legend is indescribably delicious.” — Mike

We’re not exactly sure what Mike meant by indescribably delicious, but it was definitely a compliment. Latichia put it more clearly saying “The team at Legend knows that we are a TEAM. When I wanna come home they get me home. When I need to get home they work with me.”

“I had a friend recommend Legend to me,” Latichia said. “And I’m very glad he did. I have nothing bad to say about Legend. And I just recommended Legend to a friend and they are in orientation right now.” Another example of how Legend backs up their words with action — many people recruit friends to drive with Legend.

And, in what seemed like the biggest compliment to the team we heard, Bobbie told us:

“I’ve been driving for over 17 years and I have every intention of retiring with Legend.”